Learn about Health Statistics in America. Learn about the growing obesity rates and the billions of dollars a year it cost.

Adult Health Statistics

  • 2 in 3 adults are considered overweight or obese.
  • 1 in 3 adults are obese.
  • Obesity caused illnesses is the second most preventable cause of death in America. Smoking is first.
  • Obesity caused illnesses kill over 300,000 people a year.
  • More than 1/3 of American are obese. About 35% – 78.6 million. US Population 300 million.
  • Medical cost of obesity almost doubled since 2008, to $300,000,000,000 a year.
  • Higher income women are less likely to be obese than lower income women.
  • Non Hispanics blacks have the highest obesity rate at 47% and Asians have the lowest at 11%.
  • Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia have a obesity rate of more than 35%.
  • California, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts and DC have the lowest obesity rate. 20% – 25%.

Child Health Statistics